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Iran Business Directory of Canada:
This project has been suggested, designed and developed by Nama Computer, with encouragement and Co-operation of Iranian Community Association of Ontario in 2005; Its data entry has been started Since the second quarter of 2006.
Project Goals:
The goal of this project is data gathering of Iranian Businesses resident in Canada. It is to inroduce iranian businesses to Iranian Community and the others in order to make better socitey and more united and successfull community. It can be set as a reliable iranian-canadian businesses with supporting all iranians resident in canada.
Web site specification:
  Bilingual System:

To be more popular and usefull, this site has been developed bilingual system (in Persian and English)

  OnLine Access:

All professionals and businessmen are able to insert their Business' information into the Database.

  Various Searching methods:

There are various searching methods for any searchers caused to access their desired information much faster. On the other hand, These methods caused, more business are found in any search.

  Information Show:

Depend on the searching method, a list of found businesses' name and a brief of their activities is shown.The searcher is able to see a complete description by selecting any desired business name; These information are such as a complete description, Contacts name and their position, mailing Address, Phone, Cell, Fax, Email and web site address(if available); and also the company's logo or Personal picture (if there is any).

  Distinguish Methods(Optional):

In order to distinguish a business between its category, there are several methods such as:

- Ranking, the business name will be on the top of the list
- Highlighting, the business item on the list will be highlited.
- Sponser text, a sponser text will be on the side of the page
- Side Ad, an advetisement picture is put on the side of the page
- Banner, an advertisement picture is put on top of the page

This site has been recognised by some public search engines such as Yahoo, Google, Alta viste,....
We are trying to put more usefull options on the site for helping our users.
At the end, we are interested to have the user's and profesionals' suggestions to promote our services.


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