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Dr. Mehdi Afshar
Azin Mehdizadeh
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Afshar Dental Clinic
Dr. Afshar has hands on dentistry for several years. He provides his dental services with the most advanced dental techniques and equipment. He has updated himself after 20 years of practice in dentistry.

He loves his profession and enjoy providing his dental services and accept all insurances.

Dr. Afshar provides wide ranges of dental services to patients such as dental Implants, Root canal treatment, Restoralive dentistry, Prosthodontics including fixed and removable dentures, different surgeries such as Implant, Gum and Impacted wisdom teeth and root surgeries.

Our Implant supported dentures unblieveably increases chewing abilities of our patients.

Over years, we have helped people to get over their fear and easily fit dental care back into their life style. They used to dread going to dentist and now feel so relaxed about it.

Most recent equipment such as Diode laser and Digital X ray has improved the quality of our dental services. Our digital X ray has reduced patient's expossure to radiation to one teeth of standard method.

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