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Mohammad K. Mesbah Mousavi
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Public and Social Services

Islamic Iranian Centre of Imam Ali
The necessity to create an establishment that is capable of answering religious and cultural needs of the Iranian community in Toronto area has always been felt due to the ever-increasing growth of this community.Therefore, in order to meet this need, Islamic Iranian Centre of Imam Ali (a.s.) with the help of God, along with spiritual and financial support of Iranians, and independent of any political group, was established in February 2000 by Dr. Seyed Muhammad Kazem Mesbah Moosavi with assistance of his wife, Mrs. Ameneh Mottaghi.

As a social base, this centre has been unique in understanding and answering the religious and social needs of respected Iranians. It has also been able to act as a spiritual and religious support for the people who are far from their own cultural and social roots and their home countries. Despite its own short life, this place could be considered a valuable gift to the community that provides a great chance to families to familiarize their children with Islamic teachings of the Iranian culture.

120 Bermondsey
Toronto, ON M4A 1X5
(416) 759-3019
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