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Mr. Morteza Hashemi
Managing Director
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Group Leader
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ParvazeNoor Canada
Pilgrimage to Kabbah

The journy of HAJJ is an act of worship unlike any seen before in history of humanity. It is a movement towards Allah almighty and understanding oneself and Allah's creation. It is the fulfillment of a convenant made with God Almighty, displayed in the biggest gathering of humanity all striving for one and only one sole purpose, in obedience to Allah. No person has any superiority or advantage over another. Every nationality and every race and every background move together to shoulder in this life-altering physical and spirtual journey in which you are a vital member and benefactor.

PARVAZENOOR Canada has striven to make this opportunity available for you in most comfortable and beneficial way so that you too can personally and deeply experience this profound life-changing journey unlike any other journey.

ESNA Travel Agency:

1825 Markham Rd., suite 202
Scarborough, ON M1B 4Z9
Tel: (416) 321-2768

16-1210 Midway Blvrd
Mississauga, ON L5T 2B8
Toronto: (416) 728-2833
Ottawa: (613) 864-8611
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