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Hassan Zerehi
Chief Editor
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Almost 30% of Ontario's population and close to 50% of Torontonians are first generation immigrants. As one of the fastest growing immigrant populations in Ontario, the Farsi speaking community, represent a large and important segment of this typically Canadian ethnic mosaic; this community consists of highly successful entrepreneurs, professionals, small business and franchise owners, skilled tradesmen, and technicians.

Mostly settled in and around the GTA, Farsi speaking Canadians (consisting of Iranians, Afghanis, Tajikistani) maintain their cultural heritage by supporting not only the various social, cultural and business associations in their respective communities, but also by keeping a strong and healthy bond with their Farsi-speaking countries of origin. Members of this community rely on Shahrvand to keep up to date on what is happening locally and in their homeland.

Shahrvand serves as an important link to the Farsi language community's sense of heritage, family and tradition. It provides a primary source of news and information to Farsi speaking immigrant families living in Canada. This means Shahrvand is read regularly with interest and enthusiasm.

Shahrvand is the largest Farsi language newspaper in North America that is published weekly with unprecedented, distribution and penetration. It delivers the most comprehensive coverage of news and issues for the Farsi speaking community in North America.

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