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Pastry House (Shirini Sara)
Shirini Sara “Pastry House” started its operation in 1976 in Tehran, Iran. Since the owners actual residence (located at 3rd street of Yosef Abad Ave.) was fully converted into a full scale bakery the name Shirini Sara ( literally “Pastry House”) was chosen for the business. Soon the store became known and was acclaimed for its high-quality, hand-made sweets. Particularly during the festivities relating to the Persian New Year the store would sell out of its countless treats within hours of opening. Shirini Sara quickly became a 'brand name' for high quality sweets, so that it was not uncommon for other stores to try and copy the name. At its peak, over 25 people were employed at Shirini Sara

In 1989, the owners of the original renowned Tehran store immigrated to Toronto, Canada and soon after their arrival opened a new store in Toronto that relocated to 1875 Leslie Street in 1995. They have enjoyed similar success and name recognition ever since. No surprise there !

6-1875 Leslie St.
Toronto, ON M3B 2M5
(416) 510-1050
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