IranBusiness.Ca was designed and developed in 2006 as a business directory to introduce Iranian businesses resident in Canada to Canadian and global audiences.

After approximately 15 years, we are excited to announce the complete redesign and redevelopment of our website on a new platform. We now welcome businesses from other communities to join our directory as well.

Website Specifications:

    • IranBusiness.Ca is a multilingual business directory with English as the default language. It offers instant translation to Persian and French.
    • Various Subscription Plans:
      • Bronze:
        With a subscription to IranBusiness.Ca, you will have a full page dedicated to showcasing your business information, services offered, and complete contact details including address, phone, mobile, fax, email, and a link to your business website. This is our basic registration package.
      • Silver:
        In addition to the Bronze plan, the Silver plan offers the following features:
        • Image Gallery: Display a gallery of images related to your business on your page.
        • Link to Other Social Networks: Include links to your business’s social media accounts such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This enables visitors to access your various business profiles through your page on IranBusiness.Ca, helping them make informed decisions about engaging with your business.
      • Gold-1: In addition to the Bronze and Silver plans, the Gold-1 plan offers the following feature:
        • Set up a Side Image Ad on the home page: This option distinguishes your business on the site and provides greater exposure.
      • Gold-2: In addition to the Bronze and Silver plans, the Gold-2 plan offers the following feature:
        • Set up a link to a Video Ad on YouTube (if available) related to your business. This video ad will be displayed on your page as well as the home page, increasing your business’s visibility.
      • Platinum: The Platinum plan includes all the features of the Bronze, Silver, Gold-1, and Gold-2 plans, providing the most comprehensive package for maximum exposure and promotion of your business.

We would greatly appreciate your valuable and professional advice and ideas to further enhance the promotion of your business.


Nama Computer
Dr. Esfandiar Zand/ Essi Zand
Avanessy Accounting Services
Saeid Bokharaie
Baharan Cake and Desert (Zohreh Rasoulian)